About Us

Huxley Sock Co. is a new emerging brand in the luxury sock industry, I started the company with a huge passion for socks and a love of creating designs with meaning behind them. The sock industry has never been stronger but I think the market leaders have become complacent and progress has stagnated because they simply aren't being challenged anymore… until now!

We have spent months researching the best materials available and to find the highest quality yarn we turned to nature for inspiration, bamboo is the key to our success and it represents our brand perfectly. We use bamboo because it is a much softer fibre compared to the industry standard combed cotton whilst still being as durable as a synthetic yarn, this means you can wear them all day every day no matter what lifestyle you live.

I am very conscious of the environment and the huge negative impact the fashion industry is having, but there are also a whole host of environmental benefits of using bamboo that we talk about on our blog post you can check out here!

Huxley Sock Co. is set to take the industry to the next level with high quality, sustainable socks and thank you for being with us since day 1.