About Us

Normal is boring! We want to be different and we have to be better.

When we started, we did what every other brand did and began making samples with cotton yarn but it didn’t feel right and it didn’t feel like us. So we kept experimenting with different materials until we found bamboo, a fine yarn giving silk-like softness while boasting a huge amount of environmental benefits and it allowed us to create designs that make an impact on our wardrobe without leaving a dent on our planet!

Over the past 2 years we have built up our own range of sustainable bamboo socks with a focus on making them high quality and colourful, no more black and white socks drawers, your next pair should make you feel as good as your feet will! Life’s too short for boring, be bold one step at a time.

We have also begun to create bespoke designs in partnership with like-minded brands and really enjoy this side of our business. Taking them through the entire process from the original idea and first sketch all the way though to placing a sustainably made pair of bamboo socks on their shelves has been incredibly rewarding for us and allowed us to spread our message further than we could alone.

Thank you for supporting us this far and we're excited to share what comes next!


- Huxley Socks