Wholesale & Bespoke

Become A Stockist
 Working closely with stores is something we really enjoy but also realize is integral to our brand, building relationships with shops of all sizes allows us to share our sustainable socks with a larger audience and clean up the industry one pair at a time. If you are interested in stocking our socks we would love to hear about your store and requirements so we can create a unique arrangement tailored to your needs, offering a range of flexible terms to suit your business.
Bespoke Design

Looking for something a little more exclusive? We are also able to create customs socks and take any idea you have from an initial drawing all the way to delivering the finished product right to your door. With our expertise in every stage of the process we can guide you through each decision including sock type, material selection, colours and packaging options to name a few, ensuring a high-quality unique pair of socks that look and feel as good as you imagined. The needs of our clients have allowed us to cover everything from expanding a current collection and collaborations to promotional products and gifts for hotel guests, building experience in many industries and flexibility with the changing demands of each.

For more information and to discuss the available options please send an email to contactus@huxleysocks.co.uk