Yellow and Black Zig Zag and Stripes Bamboo Socks

Brand Under Construction Bamboo Socks

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The first design ever launched and the sock that we truly built the brand on, the Brand Under Construction Sock is packed full of hidden design cues to make sure it will be the most meaningful sock in the collection for years to come. Pick up a pair today, and maybe an extra pair too who knows maybe it will be a collector’s item sooner than you think. 

Our socks are made with quality and comfort as the top priority, that’s why we use bamboo. This natural fibre is the sustainable alternative to cotton and produces the softest socks around, we also have seamless toes on our socks to eliminate the uncomfortable stitch hidden on the inside like many other brands on the market have (check if your socks have it!). All of this ensures your socks feel as good as they look all day long.

81% Bamboo, 18% Nylon, 1% Elastane

Recommended size UK 7-11